Tresfailing – CodeJam 2019

Tresfailing is a project developed under 36 hours for a Hackathon competition hosted by CodeJam.

Tresfailing is a tool that allows to track multiple individuals in a 3D space using two low cost cameras and computer vision algorithms.

Using only two cameras placed around a zone, we are able to track how close people are to predetermined “danger zone” and warn them in real time on their respective phones. The intensity of sound coming from their device will notify them how close they are to a restricted area. Each individual are distinguished by attributing an RGB value computed by averaging the RGBs of the target’s bounding box. This system can be used on any scale: from helping parents make sure their children do not approach potentially dangerous home appliances to ensuring pedestrians stay clear of a construction zone.

Furthermore, we are using pose estimation to track the users from two cameras which allows us also to create a 3D low-cost motion capture system. These information are fed to Unity3D to create various interactions with a virtual environment.


  • Best Internet of Things Project

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