Plantify – McHacks 2019

Plantify is a project developed under 24 hours for a Hackathon competition hosted by McHacks.

Plantify is a platform to enhance sustainable space in cities with community smart gardens. Users can join and help any garden they wish and are awarded with loyalty points for their time. Furthermore, fresh products can be bought with points or real currencies and self-checkout technology.

Gardens are monitored in real-time using a Raspberry PI connected to various sensors where data is sent a Google cloud database. Equipped with a camera, the micro-controller scans for user uniquely generated QR code as well as products for self-checkout services. For object classification, images are sent to Microsoft Azure’s Image Recognition cloud software. Balance are deducted via Interac payments or loyalty points. Finally communication and registration with users is done by utilizing Twilio’s SMS API.


  • Telus: Best use of IoT/AI to help foster sustainable cities
  • MLH: People’s Choice
  • TD: 2nd place for “Most green hack”

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