Romain Nith

PhD Student – Computer Science

Human Computer Integration Lab

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Chicago, working in the Human Computer Integration Lab led by Prof. Pedro Lopes. My interests lie in haptics, wearable devices, VR/AR.

Previously, I obtained my B. Eng. in Computer Engineering at McGill University in Canada. During that time, I was involved in the McGill Formula Electric design team, a design competition where students are tasked with designing, manufacturing and racing their own formula student car.

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ecoEDA: Recycling E-waste During Electronics Design

Jasmine Lu, Beza Desta, K D Wu, Romain Nith, Joyce Passananti, Pedro Lopes

ACM UIST 2023 [paper] [video] [github]

JumpMod: Haptic Backpack that Modifies Users’ Perceived Jump

Romain Nith, Jacob Serfaty, Sam Shatzkin, Alan Shen, Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2023 [paper] [video] [talk] [live talk] [github]

DigituSync: A Dual-User Passive Exoskeleton Glove That Adaptively Shares Hand Gestures

Jun Nishida, Yudai Tanaka, Romain Nith, Pedro Lopes

ACM UIST 2022 [paper] [video]

DextrEMS: Increasing Dexterity in Electrical Muscle Stimulation by Combining it with Brakes

Romain Nith, Shan-Yuan Teng, Pengyu Li, Yujie Tao, Pedro Lopes

ACM UIST 2021 [paper] [video] [talk] [github]

Best Demo Award (People’s Choice)
Guinness World Records (Most precise bionic hand controller)

Touch&Fold: A Foldable Haptic Actuator for Rendering Touch in Mixed Reality

Shan-Yuan Teng, Pengyu Li, Romain Nith, Joshua Fonseca, Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2021 [paper] [video]

Best Paper Honorable Mention Award

MagnetIO: Passive yet Interactive Soft Haptic Patches Anywhere

Alex Mazursky, Shan-Yuan Teng, Romain Nith, Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2021 [paper] [video]

Stereo-smell via Electrical Trigeminal Stimulation

Jas Brooks, Shan-Yuan Teng, Jingxuan Wen, Romain Nith,
Jun Nishida, Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2021 [paper] [video]

Falconer: A Tethered Aerial Companion for Enhancing Personal Space

Romain Nith, Jun Rekimoto

IEEE VR 2019 Workshop [IEEE paper]
CHI HDi 2019 Workshop [HAL paper]

More research

A stretchable and strain-unperturbed pressure sensor for motion-interference-free tactile monitoring on skins

Qi Su, Q. Zou, Yang Li, Yuzhen Chen, Shan-Yuan Teng, Jane Tunde Kelleher, Romain Nith, Ping Cheng, Nan Li, Wei Liu, Shilei Dai, Youdi Liu, Alex Mazursky, Jie Xu, Lihua Jin, Pedro Lopes, Sihong Wang
November 2021

Science Advances 2021 [paper]