Romain Nith

PhD Student – Computer Science

Human Computer Integration Lab

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Chicago, working in the Human Computer Integration Lab led by Prof. Pedro Lopes. My interests lie in haptics, wearable devices, VR/AR and robotics.

Previously, I obtained my B. Eng. in Computer Engineering at McGill University in Canada. During that time, I was involved in the McGill Formula Electric design team, a design competition where students are tasked with designing, manufacturing and racing their own formula student car.

CV / Google Scholar


DextrEMS: Increasing Dexterity in Electrical Muscle Stimulation by Combining it with Brakes

Romain Nith, Shan-Yuan Teng,
Pengyu Li, Yujie Tao,
Pedro Lopes


Best Demo Award (People’s Choice)

Touch&Fold: A Foldable Haptic Actuator for Rendering Touch in Mixed Reality

Shan-Yuan Teng, Pengyu Li,
Romain Nith, Joshua Fonseca,
Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2021

Best Paper Honorable Mention Award

MagnetIO: Passive yet Interactive Soft Haptic Patches Anywhere

Alex Mazursky, Shan-Yuan Teng, 
Romain Nith, Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2021

Stereo-smell via Electrical Trigeminal Stimulation

Jas Brooks, Shan-Yuan Teng, Jingxuan Wen, Romain Nith,
Jun Nishida, Pedro Lopes

ACM CHI 2021

Falconer: A Tethered Aerial Companion for Enhancing Personal Space

Romain Nith, Jun Rekimoto

IEEE VR 2019 Workshop and
CHI HDi 2019 Workshop